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Re: Firefox KDE integration à la openSUSE

On Saturday 02 January 2010 16:58:08 Chris Smart wrote:
> 2010/1/2 Tim <ignored_mailbox yahoo com au>:
> > Is there a description of what that actually means?  A page of statuses
> > gives no clue, but the name sounds like someone's trying to copy the
> > Microsoft lunacy of integrating MSIE into the desktop.
> Firefox is GTK based which means it integrates into the GNOME/other
> GTK based environments nicely. It does not integrate nicely with Qt
> based desktops such as KDE, however.
> This hack makes Firefox use Qt based components rather than GTK for
> things like buttons, dialogs, etc, so that it is much more integrated
> into KDE. Saving a page, for example, brings up the usual KDE file
> manager.

I believe Tim was asking something else. This is not a question of integrating 
the browser into the DE, but integrating the DE into the browser.

What Microsoft does is to make the whole environment dependent on MSIE --- it 
is "integrated" in the sense that you cannot run your system without it (not 
properly, at least). This is, as Tim well put it, lunacy.

What people at openSUSE do is what Chris said --- to adjust Firefox so that it 
becomes visually and functionally more similar to other KDE apps. It has 
nothing to do with making KDE dependent on Firefox. The browser is 
"integrated" in the sense that it "looks" more like a KDE app. It is adjusted 
to communicate better with other parts of DE, and to appear more similar. In 
that sense one can talk about "integrating" the DE into the browser, because 
the browser is being modified to blend into the DE in a nicer way.

In principle, this is a good idea. In practice, I'm not sure how well it can 
be done and is it worth the effort. But I welcome the initiative, of course.

Best, :-)

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