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Re: screensaver vs dpms

jackson byers wrote
>>  $ uname -r

>>  In my system, the screensaver  (blanking the screen)
>>  seems to be working as expected.

>>  But, I am also experiencing occasional
>>  dpms-like  "suspend"  blanking,
>>  (I am sure it is "suspend" and not "standby")
>>  which I don't want, and worse, I can't find out what is
>>  causing this response.

>>  I don't have an xorg.conf, and would rather keep it that way.

>>  If I get out of X  via ctl-alt-bs,
>>  and then  back in via startx,
>>  then
>>  xset q shows  standby, suspend, off all at 0, ie disabled.

>>  So what else in f11 can be exciting that  "suspend"?

>>  I have done some googling, but no help so far.

>>  Are there F11 guidelines for using both screensaver and dpms?

tom horsley wrote
> Try "man xset" there is also a dpms option (and I've often
> noticed it fighting with gnome power manager).

yes, I have tried the xset dpms flags option
eg. 'xset dpms 1201 1801 2401'

and these stay set until i reboot or kill X
but I _think_  I have seen a stray "dpms-like suspend" occur
at least once even with those settings.
So it still looks to me like some other system control.

I am using gnome; so maybe gnome power manager
is doing something here.
My system is a desktop not laptop.

Do you have any more info as to just how in your case
xset dpms was fighting with gnome power manager?


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