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Re: The Counter-Fedora People At #fedora

On Wed, 30 Dec 2009 23:48:43 -0500
Randy Yates <yates ieee org> wrote:

> Why do the following people, time after time, insist on banning me for
> asking fedora questions on #fedora?


I suggest some possible approaches for you: 

- If someone is upsetting you or not providing the info you
  seek, tell them that you don't think they are helping you,
  and /ignore them. 

- If you find yourself getting frustrated or upset, step away from the
  channel for a while and do something relaxing. 

- Try another support channel and see if that more matches your needs. 
This mailing list or the forums may match your needs better than IRC. 

See more ideas at: 

> I have been a Fedora user for 4 years (since FC3). I have (for
> better or worse) provided documentation on some things that have
> helped me:
>   http://galois.digitalsignallabs.com/notes.htm

Have you considered joining up with the docs team?

> Have a good New Year!

You too!


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