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Re: whence RPCBIND_ARGS?

On 02Jan2010 14:47, Robert P. J. Day <rpjday crashcourse ca> wrote:
|   i'm tracing the execution of rpcbind on my f12 system, and in the
| common code, i read:
| prog="rpcbind"
| [ -f /etc/sysconfig/$prog ] && . /etc/sysconfig/$prog
| while in the start() function, there is:
| daemon $prog $RPCBIND_ARGS $1
|   i'm curious about this since:
| 1) there's no apparent documentation for setting/using $RPCBIND_ARGS

"man rpcbind" describes a heap of options. Clearly you can put any of
them into RPCBIND_ARGS.

| 2) there's no /etc/sysconfig/rpcbind file for initial config

A pity. There really ought to be a stub file with an empty
RPCBIND_ARGS="" assignment. And a comment.

| 3) there's no mention of RPCBIND_ARGS in the rpcbind man page

Of course not. It's an artifact of the f12 startup scripts, not the
rpcbind daemon itself.

|   admittedly, that doesn't make any of this *wrong*, it just seems
| that $RPCBIND_ARGS is kind of hanging out there, without anyone making
| an effort to explain what might be done with it or why it would be
| useful.  thoughts?

Like all the /etc/sysconfig files, you can put something like:

 RPCBIND_ARGS="-h some.local.lan.address"

or the like to start rpcbind with particular arguments.

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