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Re: any fundamental difference between fedora and suse NFSv4?

Robert P. J. Day wrote:
>   i'm currently reviewing a doc on suse linux enterprise 11, the
> section on NFS, but i don't have a SLES 11 machine in front of me.
> could anyone who uses both SLES 11 and fedora 12 comment on how
> indistinguishable the NFS setups are across those two distros?
>   so far, i haven't seen a lot that's massively incompatible, and i
> wouldn't expect to.  obviously, the fundamental files are going to be
> the same.
I haven't use suse in quite some time.  Are you asking about SLES (which
is the equivalent of RHEL) or openSUSE which is more akin to Fedora,

In any event, if I were doing what I think you're doing I would download
either the openSUSE DVD or the openSUSE live CD's and try it myself in a
Virtual Machine.  I mean, who better to know what exact comparisons I'm
looking for?

As I said, I've not used suse in quite a while.  But, your question as
well as the post about firefox/kde integration has prompted me to start
downloading the DVD to give it a try.  I think it is safe to say that
Fedora/RH place less emphasis on KDE than suse does.  So, being a KDE
leaning person it would be worth the time to check it out.

Of course, just like trying any other distro there will be differences. 
I believe suse uses yast as their package manger.  But, at least it is
rpm based and I'm used to the warts of that system. 

Should I get the chance to experiment with NFSv4 on it I will.  Probably
try to export and mount file systems from/to a F12 system.  Sounds like
a nice challenge.

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