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Re: graphical login screen

On 01/03/2010 02:49 PM, Ralph Blach wrote:
> On Fedora 12, my machine is running to init 5, and comes up to a
> graphical login screen,  How do I change the users showed on the screen,
> I see users, but no root,
> I would only like to see only the user which I specify, and of course root.
 I believe you can have them all on or turn them all off (except
'other') but cannot just show one user.

 As for root - I'll let others answer - see past long threads - it was
turned off intentionally but there is a way to allow root to
gracphically login if you really want it. (Tho why you'd ever need this
is beyond me. I've used linux for many many years, and never once needed
a graphical root login.

 If you want the control you seek - you may want to try kdm instead of
gdm. You can still use gnome desktop with kdm.

  I am not recommending this one way or another - I am an ex kde user.
kde  was so wonderfully configurable ... but somehow they shot
themselves in the foot and lost a huge number of users alng the way and
seem to be struggling to regain their user base.  Even Linus himself
switched to Gnome .. after criticizing gnome for its lack of
configurabilty for a few years ..

 Good luck ..

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