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Re: Changing GNOME "default" directories

>> Yes, I tried! But I can't find anything in it!
> Just blame this on my age. I thought I understood what you wanted to do
> in your original post. Now I am clueless.
> What do you mean by the position of the Gnome default directories?

Blame on your age, but on my English as well! ;)

I'd like to change the destination of the default GNOME directories :
the directories like "Videos","Music"," Documents".. ( I'm using GNOME
in Italian, so
the original name, maybe, are a little different).
Usually their definition is in the file ~/.config/user-dirs.dirs, and
the file is there!
Here a couple of lines:

But if I change the values, for example:

The change is not detected, even after a logout.

Maybe I could use sym links, but,IMHO, is not the "clean" answer!

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