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Re: Nut 0 vs F10 winner

Gene Heskett wrote:

>> this is fun of working to different threads of near same topic from same
>> person.
> Sorry about that, if you were handy I'd buy you a beer & see if we can get 
> confused together. :)

scotch and water, or an aggravation. [that is an actual drink]

>> what is more fun is similar topics from 2 different people. ;)
> Now that I think begins to have the flavor of a bug.

not always. sometimes it is 2 people going about the same wrong way. :)

> I did find a gui that sorta works, knutclient-0.9.5.tar.gz.  Its not 100% but 
> well enough to see if everything is healthy.

you should have them in repo. what i pulled to get file list is for f-12,
but it should be in f-10 and f-11.

btw, what version are you using?


peace out.



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