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Re: Wrong page format Avery A4 labels. [SOLVED]

On 30/12/09 00:54, Erik P. Olsen wrote:
My environment is OpenOffice 3.1.1 on Linux, Fedora 12.

The scenario is the following:

1. File -> New -> Labels

2. Select Brand: Avery A4
and Type: L7160
Press "New Document"

3. Format -> Page

4. As you may see the page format is set to "User" which has a geometry
different from "A4". If the final labels are printed with page format
"User" they come out wrongly. If, however, the page format is changed to
"A4", printing is correct.

This happens every time I make new labels, Sometimes I forget to set the
page format to "A4" and consequently ruin a whole bunch of labels. I bet
there must be a way to change this silly default but I haven't been able
to find how. Maybe it's a bug. Who knows?

Just to let you all know that the problem seems to be printer related. On my HP LaserJet 2200 the label sheets print wrongly as mentioned above. But when I print using my colour printer HP Photosmart 8450 they print correctly.

Thanks to Peter Hillier-Brook who somehow forced me into trying this other printer.


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