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Re: Problems ripping DVDs I legally own to my media server

Thomas Cameron wrote:
> All -
> To make clear - I am only doing this with DVDs I legally own.  I am
> not pirating, I am just trying to get all my DVDs onto a media server
> I am building instead of having them strewn all over the entertainment
> center.
> Specifically, I tried to rip Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen.  It
> apparently has some new copy protection scheme where it reports that
> it is 80 gigs, and every method I tried to decrypt them under Linux
> failed.
> I wound up having to fire up my dusty old Windows box and use Ideal
> DVD Copy to rip them successfully (http://tinyurl.com/yg8269g).
> What, if anything, are you using to make legit backups of your newer,
> copy-protected DVDs under Linux?
Are you saying it worked with older DVDs?

Do you have libdvdcss installed?

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