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Re: Kde problems

On Sunday 03 January 2010 21:22:32 david walcroft wrote:
> I'm using fc12-86_64,my problem is when ever I logout/login or
> shut-down/reboot I lose kde,it will not start,only a blue screen.
> and no desktop.Sometimes I get the error 'cannot access
> /usr/bin/autorun: no such file or directory' so I cp -r /usr/bin/autorun
> from my backup and logout/login with no result.
> An install a while ago my sys. booted into a default desktop not my
> usual desktop,I found out that kde was not reading my ~/.kde file,I cp
> -r a copy from ~.kde.old ~.kde but on logging out/in the ~.kde file was
> over written.The only solution I've had is to reinstall the system.
> I've got no idea how to troubleshoot these problems.Help would be
> appreciated.

Ok, how about this: create a new, dummy user, and log into that account (into 
KDE, of course). Check that everything is ok, logout, log back in. Is it the 
same? Do you still see the error message?

If the dummy user works as expected, then something in your old settings in 
~/.kde.old is making KDE unhappy.

If the dummy user doesn't work, then there is some deeper problem and it needs 
troubleshooting. My idea would be to read the system and KDE log files, and 
look for errors and warnings. Or to switch to runlevel 3, do a startx, 
reproduce the error, read the output from the terminal. Or to do a strace or 
something, to see what app is trying to access /usr/bin/autorun.

Incidentally, I don't have /usr/bin/autorun on my system, and it runs KDE just 

HTH, :-)

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