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Re: control-C and yum update

Paul Allen Newell writes:

A quick question which is hopefully just "an education request" ...

While reinstalling f12 on a machine that I "messed up", I was following all my notes and directions and reached the point where the install was successful and it was time to update. I did a "su -l" and then typed "yum update". I realized I had forgotten something and immediately did a "control-C" in the terminal that I had executed the "yum update". To my surprise, it ignored it until it got to the first confirm and then proceeded to kill the process. No problem as the update was stopped but ...

I though "control-C" was an immediate kill of whatever was running and was wondering why yum didn't stop when I tried to kill it.

Probably because if you interrupt packages in the middle of updating, you have an excellent chance of FUBARing your entire system.

This has been a long standing problem with rpm. If you interrupt a long update, you'll end up with both the old and the new version of affected packages installed. That's always fun to clean up.

Don't do that.

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