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Re: control-C and yum update

On Mon, 2010-01-04 at 07:14 -0500, Sam Varshavchik wrote:
> Paul Allen Newell writes:
> > A quick question which is hopefully just "an education request" ...
> > 
> > While reinstalling f12 on a machine that I "messed up", I was following 
> > all my notes and directions and reached the point where the install was 
> > successful and it was time to update. I did a "su -l" and then typed 
> > "yum update". I realized I had forgotten something and immediately did a 
> > "control-C" in the terminal that I had executed the "yum update". To my 
> > surprise, it ignored it until it got to the first confirm and then 
> > proceeded to kill the process. No problem as the update was stopped but ...
> > 
> > I though "control-C" was an immediate kill of whatever was running and 
> > was wondering why yum didn't stop when I tried to kill it.
> Probably because if you interrupt packages in the middle of updating, you 
> have an excellent chance of FUBARing your entire system.
> This has been a long standing problem with rpm. If you interrupt a long 
> update, you'll end up with both the old and the new version of affected 
> packages installed. That's always fun to clean up.
> Don't do that.
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I have been using Tony Nelson's stablemirror for several years
(and Control/C) with yum (currently F12) with no problems.


"Stablemirror provides working Ctl-C handling during downloads, in a way
that I belive is safe for the underlying RPM database."


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