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Re: dpkg for building deb package from Fedora

AlannY wrote:
> Hi there. I'm a developer. I can build RPM package of my software in
> Fedora with rpmbuild.  But now, I want to build deb package for
> redistributing my software on Debian-based distros.
> I think, I need dpkg tool for building deb file. But where to find
> it? I tryed to search all over the net, but articles just tells me
> how to setup deb file in Fedora (I don't want to setup, just to
> build).

There isn't any official dpkg rpm in Fedora, yet.  But it is currently
being reviewed: https://bugzilla.redhat.com/550582 .  Perhaps that
will help get you started.

> I can create another Virtual Machine for Debian-based distros, but I
> REALLY don't want to do it.

On the few occasions I've wanted to create .deb packages or test
things on Debian, I've found it worthwhile (and relatively painless)
to do just that.  Having a virtual machine made it easy to determine
that the packages I created would work well on Debian.

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