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Best way to get minimal system

Hi all, what's the best way to get a minimal Fedora system?

I assume it's by installing via the DVD and un-ticking package groups,
leaving just the base apps, but perhaps more seasoned Fedora users
have a better suggestion?

The other day I installed F12 on a PPC machine with the network
installer and it only installed a base system (didn't even give me the
option for a graphical environment) which was neat. Trying to
replicate this on a x86 install however has not been successful.

Ubuntu provides an "Install a command-line system" mode on the
alternate installation media. Does Fedora have something similar? I
didn't see any Anaconda options to do it..

Which brings me to another point, installing KDE instead of GNOME via
the DVD. When you un-tick GNOME and tick KDE, it still leaves all of
the default GNOME applications, which is rather annoying
(understandable though). openSUSE for example, bundles everything with
that one radio button, so un-ticking "GNOME" will not install anything
GNOME related (unless a direct dependency of something else you
install, of course). Is there a similar option in Fedora? Or should
one use the KDE Live CD or manually configure each package?


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