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Re: Also having NFSv4 problems

>> The problem appears to be on the F12 client side:
>> # service nfs restart
>> Shutting down NFS mountd:                                  [FAILED]
>> Shutting down NFS daemon:                                  [  OK  ]
>> Shutting down NFS quotas:                                  [  OK  ]
>> Shutting down NFS services:                                [FAILED]
>> Starting NFS services:                                     [  OK  ]
>> Starting NFS quotas:                                       [  OK  ]
>> Starting NFS daemon:                                       [  OK  ]
>> Starting NFS mountd: Usage: rpc.mountd [-F|--foreground] [-h|--help] [-v|--version] [
>> -d kind|--debug kind]
>>         [-o num|--descriptors num] [-f exports-file|--exports-file=file]
>>         [-p|--port port] [-V version|--nfs-version version]
>>         [-N version|--no-nfs-version version] [-n|--no-tcp]
>>         [-H ha-callout-prog] [-s|--state-directory-path path]
>>         [-g|--manage-gids] [-t num|--num-threads=num]
>>                                                            [FAILED]
>> About four years ago I was able to set up a similar arrangement
>> using nfs3 on RHEL4 and F6, but this is my first attempt with nfs4.
>> I seem to be having the same problem Robert P.J. Day is having with
>> rpc.mountd.

>  a private emailer tells me that what's causing the problem above is
> deselecting the NFSv1 line from /etc/sysconfig/nfs. apparently, that
> causes the problem so you should try this:

> #MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V3="no"

> weirdly, that fixes that last problem.  why should that be?

mountd succeeds when you comment out "MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no"" only because
when you uncomment all three, rpc.mountd is called with "-N 1 -N 2 -N
3" which leaves it no protocol to use and mountd fails.

It looks like the devs forgot to modify /etc/init.d/nfs so that
mountd, statd, and lockd are not kicked off when the nfsv4-only option
is chosen.

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