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Re: Also having NFSv4 problems

>  ok, one more post on this topic, then i'll shut up.  as i've
> mentioned more than once, you can't do this in /etc/sysconfig/nfs:

> MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V3="no"

> you can, however, do this:

> #MOUNTD_NFS_V1="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V2="no"
> MOUNTD_NFS_V3="no"

>  in short, if you try to deactivate NFSv1 support, you will get an
> error trying to start rpc.mountd.  however, if you look ever *further*
> down /etc/sysconfig/nfs, you see:

> # Optional arguments passed to rpc.nfsd. See rpc.nfsd(8)
> # Turn off v2 and v3 protocol support
> # Turn off v4 protocol support

>  ok, so what if i try to deactivate NFSv1 support there as well with:

> RPCNFSDARGS="-N 1 -N 2 -N 3"

> # service nfs start
> Starting NFS services:                                     [  OK  ]
> Starting NFS quotas:                                       [  OK  ]
> Starting NFS daemon: 1: Unsupported version
>                                                           [FAILED]

>  ok, that's telling me that referring to NFSv1 is simply an error,
> and references to it should be either removed or ignored, such as from
> /etc/init.d/nfs. does that make sense?

This failure is just saying that there is no nfsv1 for rpc.nfsd
(unlike for rpc.mountd). It will work fine with RPCNFSDARGS="-N 2 -N

Quite frankly, I have never understood the reference to nfsv1 in the
output of "rpcinfo -p" because AFAIK there was never an nfsv1.

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