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Re: Best way to get minimal system

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 09:22 +1100, Chris Smart wrote:
> Hi all, what's the best way to get a minimal Fedora system?

What do you mean by minimal?

> I assume it's by installing via the DVD and un-ticking package groups,
> leaving just the base apps, but perhaps more seasoned Fedora users
> have a better suggestion?

The LiveCD version basic but functional.

> The other day I installed F12 on a PPC machine with the network
> installer and it only installed a base system (didn't even give me the
> option for a graphical environment) which was neat. Trying to
> replicate this on a x86 install however has not been successful.
> Ubuntu provides an "Install a command-line system" mode on the
> alternate installation media. Does Fedora have something similar? I
> didn't see any Anaconda options to do it..
> Which brings me to another point, installing KDE instead of GNOME via
> the DVD. When you un-tick GNOME and tick KDE, it still leaves all of
> the default GNOME applications, which is rather annoying
> (understandable though). openSUSE for example, bundles everything with
> that one radio button, so un-ticking "GNOME" will not install anything
> GNOME related (unless a direct dependency of something else you
> install, of course). Is there a similar option in Fedora? Or should
> one use the KDE Live CD or manually configure each package?

Use the KDE LiveCD.


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