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Re: yum update question

Marko Vojinovic wrote:
On Monday 04 January 2010 08:15:13 Paul Allen Newell wrote:
Marko Vojinovic wrote:
On Monday 04 January 2010 05:50:54 Paul Allen Newell wrote:
    Installing: kernal-PAE-
 W:  Possible missing firmware ql8100_fw.bin for module qla2xxx.lo
 W:  Possible missing firmware aic94xx-seq_fw.bin for module aic94xx.lo
Did you also get the message like:

Processing delta metadata
/boot/initramfs- contents have been changed
delta does not match installed data
Let me check the log tomorrow ... your "delta doesn't match" sounds
familiar and, if such is the case, I will attach myself to the bugzilla
you provided

I am not sure where is this message logged, but definitely not in yum.log, as I didn't find it there later on when I looked up again. I also don't know where those kernel warnings were logged, if at all... :-)

But anyway, there is no need to attach yourself to that bugzilla, just read it to understand what is happening. There is a particular link to the codemonkeys.org website with more clearer explanation. In a nutshell, it's just deltarpm and kernel rpm confusing each other about how big the initramfs.img file should be. And it just so happens that those firmware modules happen to reside in that file, so during the kernel installation you get the warning that they might get missing. But this never happens, because the kernel has those modules already, and just needs to recreate the initramfs, which happens automatically.

So nothing to worry about. ;-)

Best, :-)


I capture and save a cut-and-paste of screen output of most yum updates I do, so I checked and the "delta" message is there. Appreciate the additional message ... as I was reading through it I remember having seen a prior post on such. Not certain why it didn't click at the time, maybe it was because I remember something about "don't need to worry" and therefore it didn't stick.

As you suggest, I will blaze ahead and not worry (though I will attach myself to the bug #544901 so I am aware when it is resolved)

Thanks again,

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