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Re: I can't startup my Fedora 12

2010/1/5 Joel Rees <joel rees gmail com>

On Jan 5, 2010, at 2:18 AM, 严晶涛 wrote:

I have only install Fedora 12.
My partition is
/boot 200M
LVM 290G

fedora 20G
other 10G
opt 60G
home 200G
swap 3G

fedora is Fedora 12's /
opt is /opt
home is /home

All the filesystem is ext4

Do you mean, including /boot ?
Yes,/boot is ext4 too

My memory is that ext4  /boot is still not officially supported.

Did you reboot once, just to check?

Then I want to install CentOS in other,I backup /boot and format /boot to ext3(because CentOS 5.4 doesn't support ext4) and copy backup to /boot
Install CentOS to other,and format other to ext3.

Where is Cent's /boot?
/boot too,I want Fedora and CentOS share the /boot

What happens to F12's /boot that you attempted to restore?

copy to /boot

When I have installed CentOS,I can login CentOS,but when I choose Fedora 12,my system will stop in fsck,and I can't startup it...

Has Cent OS's /boot by any chance overwritten F12's /boot? That's kind of what I'm expecting happened.

I think what you wanted to do was set the host (MSDOS) disk label as

/boot 200M: ext3 (I would name it "Fboot" or something in diskdruid, to make it easier to remember.)
other 10G: ext3 (I like 40G or so, to play in, and I would probably name it "cent" or "otherOS")
LVM 280: LVM

In other words, make the entire Cent OS file system a single MSDOS level partition.

Hmm. I just checked the current partitioning instructions. I think I'd better go raise a fuss or two. Anyway, the above should work, and allow you to do something like what you are trying to do.

Recognize that, in the above, all of cent's file system, including "/" and " /boot", would reside in the "other" partition.

(I'm not sure about the LVM interactions, or I'd suggest something like separate "Fboot" and "Cboot" MSDOS-level partitions for Fedora's /boot, and Cent OS's /boot, respectively.)

I have found my Fedora's /etc/fstab is wrong,because /boot is now ext3,but in fstab is ext4,and UUID is wrong either.
when I startup Fedora,I will login to (Repaird System)#,but I can't change anything in it.....

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