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Re: Best way to get minimal system

On Monday 04 January 2010 07:24 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
2010/1/5 suvayu ali<fatkasuvayu+linux gmail com>:

If you want customised partitioning scheme then text based install is
not a good idea. I still think trying out the netinstall image would
be the best bet for the OP.

I tested this, but the netinstaller still defaults to installing a
full desktop environment (unless I'm doing something wrong). The
difference is that it connects to online repositories instead of using
a local DVD.

I just tried this myself on a VM, all you need to do is uncheck those package groups. As I mentioned earlier, if you need custom partitioning then the text install is a no go. Simply put the graphical installer is much more capable compared to the text based counterpart. I would stick to that as much as I could.


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