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Re: Problems ripping DVDs I legally own to my media server

On 01/04/2010 06:32 PM, Jorge Fábregas wrote:
On Monday 04 January 2010 20:59:36 Ian Pilcher wrote:
How do you do that with a CSS-encrypted DVD?

He's merely copying the "scrambled" bits on the DVD to his hard-drive.  CSS
has nothing to do in the actual copying.  There are, however, other techniques
employed to make the copying really hard by regular tools (e.g. you'll need to
ignore some errors etc...).

Now, in order to play that iso file in your hard-drive (e.g. by mounting it
with the loopback) you'll need  to use software to "unscramble" those bits.
In order to do it legally on Linux you'll need to use "PowerDVD for Linux" as
LinDVD I think is no longer available...


I have had good luck using the program "ddrescue" to copy DVDs with bad/weird sectors, mostly Chinese. Once you've copied it to disk as an iso file, VLC works well as a player.



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