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Re: another question on "Re: problems with system-config-display and crtl-alt-backspace"

More butting in...

On 01/04/2010 10:32 PM, Paul Allen Newell wrote:
Paul Allen Newell wrote:
Kevin Fenzi wrote:
Don't do that. See:

(with screenshots even! :)
There is no need at all to make an xorg.conf, and as you have seen it
can cause problems moving forward.

Kevin or anyone who has a suggestion:

I tried the suggestion in the link you provided and it works ... as advertised (???). If I have logged in, enabling that setting does mean that crtl+alt+backspace will restart X and put me back at the login screen.

But it doesn't help in the one situation that I usually want to restart X. I turn on a machine but the KVM is pointing to another machine. When I am ready to use the machine that I have just powered up, the screen size settings are wonked and I want to crtl+alt+backspace to restart and get the screen size correct. In this case, it doesn't work.

From what I can figure out, there is some part of the boot process that polls the monitor and, if it the KVM has it pointing elsewhere, it makes "worst-case default assumptions" since it doesn't see the monitor.

I have my KVM on my notebook at boot time, and still only get 800x600. So there is more wrong here than this.

I am now assuming that the setting that I have made via the link's suggestion works once a login has occurred and all shell stuff has been resolved.

Is there a way to enable the key combination to work prior to logging in? I am certainly happier that I can at least login, kick it, and get settings back ... but that seems "wrong" since I don't think I really should be restarting X once logged in.

Thanks in advance,

ps: I am also looking into all the other suggestions made in this thread to see if I prefer any of the others, but figured I'd at least ask about this "almost what I want" solution.

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