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Re: Installation plays hardball

>> If you're the sort that uses one huge partition for everything (and
>> that does seem to be the recommendation, these days), *and* you
>> never intend to add a second drive, then LVM is pointless to you.

R. G. Newbury:
> ONE HUGE PARTITION?  I'd like to know who is crazy enough to recommend
> that, because I would want to stay well away from him. That's *almost*
> as bad as win(spit!).

;-)  On this list, there's been some advocacy for /boot and /, and no
more partitions.  Even the installer defaults went that way (whether
the / was LVM, or something else).

There's even some who've not had a /boot (and we've had to guide them
through why that worked the first time around, but not after the drive
filled up a bit, and put things where the BIOS couldn't read the drive
to begin booting).

> I always set up my boxen with separate partitions for /boot, /home, 
> /tmp, /var and /.

I've tended to do the same.  Though gave into to just /boot and / for my
laptop, as it's not easy to add another drive in a sane manner, so I may
as well just use the whole drive in a simple manner.  Not to mention
that the drive's encrypted, so it's quite hard to do any sort of updates
that aren't a complete wipe and restart, anyway.

Keeping a /home between installs has some problems, too.  You find that
certain things don't like your old .configuration files.

[tim localhost ~]$ uname -r

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