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fc12 installer fails with Gigabyte GA-EP45 SATA RAID 1

I am trying to install fc12 i386 on a PC based on the Gigabyte
GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard with SATA RAID. It is an Intel chipset. I am
using RAID 1 (mirror).I have installed fc8 and fc11 successfully on this
hardware, but with fc12 on various attempts I either get that the
installer does not recognise the raid array or, when it did attempt to
install, it took an inordinate time to install the packages then, once
the system was installed and running, thefile systems froze during the
transfer of a large set of files.

Has anyone else experienced these problems with this hardware (or
similar) and if so, do they have a remedy? Or do I just have to wait for
a new Fedora release?

I would go back to fc11 but it has all sorts of problems with monitor
settings - at least with my monitor. So I am back on fc8 in the interim.

Chris Mugdan

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