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Re: Recover Root Password on FC 11 and Missing GRUB Screen

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 00:15 -0800, Hosea Phiri wrote:
I have a client who lost root password for his machine running FC 11. I made an attempt to recover password by booting in single mode. I am familiar with editing the GRUB boot menu and appending "linux single" to make the server boot in sigle mode.

My surprise, the machines boots differently. I noticed one major thing that looked different from other versions of Fedora I have used before. It does not bring up the Grub menu. It does not even show the services startup. It goes straight into login prompt bypassing all other stages which I guess run from background.

Any I dea?

I am told this has just started after loss of this password. Looking forward to your useful tips.
If the machine has a CDROM drive, you could use a rescue disk.


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