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Re: Kde problems

On 01/04/2010 01:47 PM, Chris Smart wrote:
2010/1/4 Mail Lists<lists sapience com>:

 Before changing back to ext3 and reinstalling - which looks like a shot
in the dark to me - you may want to a boot live cd and run fsck on the

Complete stab in the dark :-) Doing a fsck is a good idea - I was
assuming that the partition was being formatted each time Fedora was
re-installed, but if he uses a separate partition for /home, then that
could well be it.

My understanding is that he does fresh installs and KDE works
correctly the first time, but then dies after the first reboot. That
doesn't make sense, so seems like his KDE configs aren't being written
properly. I've had a similar problem with Fedora 11 and ext4.


Yes I have a separate partition for /home and do not format during an install.I think it must be time to format and reinstall /home from a backup.


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