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36 or 64 bit?


I am coming back to Fedora after several years of Ubuntu.  The main
reason is that the Fedora version of Emacs in more complete and
up-to-date than Ubuntu.

I have installed the 64-bit version on a HP 60G-535DX notebook.   This
is the first time that I run a 64-bit Linux version.  I am wondering
whether I should install the 32-bit version instead.   I have problems
with my Atheron AR9285 network card.  It is recognized but then
performance degrades and finally stops.   I also have trouble with the
sound configuration. Sticking in the headphones does not mute the
notebook speakers.   I also am not able to install Google Earth. The
binary installer has an ELF failure.

Maybe I should just install the 32 bit version?   I did some googling
and it seems that the latest Fedora 12 kernel have driver problems
with both my Atheron card and the Intel 82801I ICH9  HD sound

I may have less performance, but I am just an intermediate Linux user
and would prefer a "simpler computing experience".

What do you all think?


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