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Re: F12 Rkhunter, Have I a rootkit? SOLVED

On Tuesday 05 January 2010, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
>On Tue, 05 Jan 2010 18:31:30 -0500
>Gene Heskett <gene heskett verizon net> wrote:
>> _Most_ of the time. Despite some people including me, asking about
>> /usr/sbin/unhide, one of fedora's forensic tools if I read the
>> manpage correctly, no one has managed to come up with a way to add
>> that file to the rkhunter database as a legit file.  So we get at
>> least 2 emails a day mewling about it.  More trouble than its worth
>> if it isn't going to be supported any better than that.
>"asking about"?
>I don't see a bug in bugzilla on it....
>can you file one and attach the message you get to it?

When I asked about it Kevin, F10 was under active support for another 2 or 3 
months, now it is not, so why waste our time?  I built rkhunter from the 
latest tarball, and that still didn't fix it.

Cheers, Gene
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