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Re: /etc/login.defs created as /etc/login.defs.rpmnew

Marcel Rieux wrote:
> This message was issued while updating shadow-utils today. The weird thing is:
> ls -l /etc/login.defs.rpmnew
> -rw-r--r--. 1 root root 1475 2009-11-18 08:51 /etc/login.defs.rpmnew
> I did a research both on the fedoraproject and redhat sites and
> there's nothing about what to do with this warning.
> Can somebody explain?
These files (.rpmnew) are created when the default settings/information
change.  They are also created to prevent over-writing configuration
files that may have been changed by the administrator of the system.

If you did a "diff" on those files you'd find out that the lines:

# Use MD5 or DES to encrypt password? Red Hat use MD5 by default.

were removed.

If you had made changes to the original login.defs file you can make the
changes to login.defs.rpmnew and replace the original login.defs with
it.  If you didn't make any changes you can simply replace the
login.defs with login.defs.rpmnew.

FWIW, typing "howto handle rpmnew files" as a google search would have
found several articles to read....

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