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Configuring GW to DSL Internet

Hi All,

Pleaase help me in configuring FC12_64 as DHCP & FW & GW to ADSL Internet.

I have:
- eth0 (xxx.39.189.92) connected to one port of the DSL router, eth0 configured with DSN' of ISP
- eth2 ( connected to the local LAN, eth2 configured with DNS' of ISP
- DNS' of ISP are defined also in resolv.conf
- named is running
- dnsmasq running for eth0 (connected to DSL router port)
- iptables running
- FW has dns ports (53) open
- FW has eth2 (to internal LAN) as trusted interface
- Internet is accessible in that box (via eth0), websites in internal LAN as well (via eth2).

>From another box in the LAN:
> ping 
    responds normal way
> host isp.com 
   doesn't respond 
   (in the box the tcpdump shows requests coming in port 53, but they are not forwarded to superior ISP DNS and SUGHUP1 to dnsmasq reports 0 requests received/answered/failed/retried/sent)

My question is: What is it incorect in my configuratins?

Thank you so much for your appreciated help!

Warm regards

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