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Re: Configuring GW to DSL Internet

j.halifax . wrote:
> Hi All,
> Pleaase help me in configuring FC12_64 as DHCP & FW & GW to ADSL Internet.
> I have:
> - eth0 (xxx.39.189.92) connected to one port of the DSL router, eth0 configured with DSN' of ISP
> - eth2 ( connected to the local LAN, eth2 configured with DNS' of ISP
> - DNS' of ISP are defined also in resolv.conf
> - named is running
> - dnsmasq running for eth0 (connected to DSL router port)
> - iptables running
> - FW has dns ports (53) open
> - FW has eth2 (to internal LAN) as trusted interface
> - Internet is accessible in that box (via eth0), websites in internal LAN as well (via eth2).
> >From another box in the LAN:
>> ping 
>     responds normal way
>> host isp.com 
>    doesn't respond 
>    (in the box the tcpdump shows requests coming in port 53, but they are not forwarded to superior ISP DNS and SUGHUP1 to dnsmasq reports 0 requests received/answered/failed/retried/sent)
> My question is: What is it incorect in my configuratins?
> Thank you so much for your appreciated help!
I suppose it would be a good idea to check your dnsmasq.conf file to
make sure the proper interfaces are set.  Also, maybe show your resolv.conf.

Since you said you have iptables enabled, you should make sure that port
53 is actually open.  You can do this by going to another system on the
10. network and typing "telnet 53".

FWIW, when asking network questions it isn't a good idea to obfuscated
your IP address.  Probably xxx.39.189.92 is the headers in
your email indicate you are sending from Kwait.

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