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Re: How do I get SB X-FI sound card working on Fedora 12

On Tue, 2010-01-05 at 19:56 -0600, John Nissley wrote:
> This in not the case here.  The card is not muted.  alsamixer looks normal and nothing is muted.
> I tried to run pavucontrol and it would not connect. I have pulse audio installed but to be honest I usually un-install pulseaudio because
> it never seems to work correctly.  Audio in linux / Fedora has always been a challenge for me.

To be honest, F12 was the first time I stopped removing pulse as the
first post-install step.
I've got 3 sound cards, and amazing as it sounds, pulse simply works -
and across the board! (virtualbox, KDE, skype, flash, games.)

Back to the subject, is pulseaudio alive?
$ ps -AH | grep pulse

> Another point that I probably should have made earlier is that I did compile alsa-driver- since I thought I
> would need it.

snd-ctxfi is already a part of the built in alsa package (1.0.21)
shipped with Fedora 12.
I assume that you also did a "make install" when compiling the
alsa-driver tarball, right?
(Giving you a hybrid fedora + source installing)

- Gilboa

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