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Re: TV over the internet

On 01/06/2010 02:26 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I've read lots of online postings about people
> who are apparently watching TV on their computers,
> but I haven't seen a concrete description of what to do.
> I'd love to see a posting from someone who has abandoned
> the traditional TV set in favour of the (Fedora) computer.

I've not owned a broadcast TV in more than 7 years. For a lot of that
time, I just didn't watch the stuff.

Since the BBC iPlayer (I'm in the UK) moved to a format I can view on
Fedora (OK.. Flash, so still not ideal! :) I find I watch rather a lot
of TV on my living room PC!

Nowadays, Chanel4 and 5 also have online content I can watch happily on

It's only ITV that is using silverlight or whatever it's called - and
that's OK because all their output is junk anyway! :-D

On a good day, with the wind in the right direction and the gods of ECC
smiling on my DSL line I can even watch live HD content.


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