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Re: TV over the internet

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I've read lots of online postings about people
> who are apparently watching TV on their computers,
> but I haven't seen a concrete description of what to do.
> I'd love to see a posting from someone who has abandoned
> the traditional TV set in favour of the (Fedora) computer.
Kind of a broad question such that there are multiple answers....

Are you simply talking about watching ones local TV stations or cable
content on their system.  i.e. The system has a TV Tuner card connected
to either ant or cable?

Are you talking about something a bit more complex where they still have
the one system with the TV tuner card, but they are using something like
vlc and streaming the content either to their local lan or the internet?

Are you talking about people connecting with the likes of hulu.com or
www.justin.tv ?

Or maybe evening something like "Slingbox"...use to...but no longer will
work wine.

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