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Re: Latest updates broke KDE sound

LPM wrote:

> I just updated two systems.  They use different hardware, but I run
> primarily KDE in both.  One system updated and sound worked fine.  The
> second system lost sound in KDE.  I can delete ~/.pulse and .pulse-cookie,
> log out, log in and have sound for that session.  I can play music, get
> system sounds, etc.  Once I log out, and back in, no sound.  I can tap on
> the microphone and hear that in the speakers.  I can run
> aplay /usr/share/sounds/purple/login.wav and hear that.  If I log out of
> KDE and into GNOME, I can run any application with sound and they work
> fine.  All sound worked fine prior to today's updates, which included the
> latest pulse updates.

for giggles, you can try swapping phonon backends to see if that helps you 

systemsettings -> multimedia (backends tab).

On f12, both xine and gstreamer backends should be freely switchable and 
functional these days.

-- Rex

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