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Re: TV over the internet

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> I looked at these (well, hulu.com seems restricted to the US),
> but they both seem to be offering videos on line, rather than TV.
Well, "TV" is certainly going to be regional.  So, when you ask about
watching TV you'll also have to include where you are and what you're
interested in watching.  AFAIK, no TV station in the US is broadcasting
"Live" over the internet.

If they were, they'd most probably be streaming flash and using their
own embedded flash player in a browser hoping that you can't/won't be
able to record it. 

Of course there are many content providers that stream content.  Some
live, some a day late.

Comedy Central - A cable network owned by Viacom, streams the "Daily
Show with Jon Stewart" and "The Colbert Report" the day after broadcast.

C-Span broadcasts Live TV and radio as well as recorded shows with your
choice of viewing options (Flash, Windows Media, RealPlayer).

As previously mentioned, there is justintv with plenty of sports events
(pirated) going out live.  hulu is US based and works within the
law....as well as numerous TV networks that do similar things like
Comedy Central.  For a time, sites like hulu could be accessed outside
of the US by using open proxies located inside the US...but these sites
have gotten much better at detecting this.

You can also visit http://channelsurfing.net/ to see what is available
at any given time.
>> Or maybe evening something like "Slingbox"...use to...but no longer will
>> work wine.
> I have actually tried Slingbox, but not with great success.
I've got a Slingbox being hosted in Wisconsin in the US, with a Time
Warner Cable subscription.  I'm at home in Taiwan watching, at the
moment, Jeopardy.  But, as I mentioned, need to us a true Windows
system....but it could be a VM.

Everything, except for Sling, is 0 cost.

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