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Re: TV over the internet

On 01/06/2010 08:22 PM, Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Thanks for your response.
> I guess iPlayer is exactly what I'm looking for,
> but unfortunately it is restricted to UK residents.
> I did wonder if I could use my son, in Cardiff,
> to re-send the stream over to me in Dublin (or Italy)?
> Could I do that without using up all his bandwidth?
> It would be nice if there was a way to start with a UK IP address,
> and then change to a foreign one?

>From a technical point of view it would depend on his network
connection. The iPlayer SD streams are watchable on 0.5-1Mbit DSL
circuits so I guess you'd need at least that much inbound and outbound
to route the streams elsewhere. The HD streams seem to want 3.5-4Mbits.

There are also obviously serious terms of service issues to be
considered with doing this - IANAL and I'm afraid you're on your own for

I have similar problems accessing free-to-air but US-only content (Lost,
mostly) but I have not tried to find any technical solutions to the problem.

If you're based in Ireland though it's probably worth checking to see if
any of the local stations make online content available - pretty much
all the UK networks now have something.

>> Nowadays, Chanel4 and 5 also have online content I can watch happily on
>> Fedora.
> What application do you use to watch Channels 4 and 5?
> I take it they don't come through the iPlayer?

Both use a similar youtube-style flash video player. Don't think either
of them have an offline player like the iPlayer desktop (based on Adobe


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