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Re: NetworkManager vs Cacheing nameserver

On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 16:31 +1030, Tim wrote:
> Mikkel: 
> >> System --> Preferences --> Network Connections
> >> 
> >> Pick the type of interface, and then the specific interface.
> >> Highlight it and click on edit.
> >> Under the IPv4 Settings, change the Method drop-down to "Automatic
> >> (DHCP) address only". If you are using IPv6, then change that
> >> drop-down to address only.
> Patrick O'Callaghan: 
> > That worked for a while, then reverted.
> Sounds like you have a bug to report, then.  That appears to be the only
> way to add DHCP client override options with NetworkManager.

Tim, the bug was in my head. As I mentioned in my last post to this
thread, I had neglected to fill in the DNS field in the NM panel. That's
what finally did the trick, after restarting NM. I subsequently rebooted
just to check, and the change is preserved.

Thanks for your help.


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