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Re: How do I load mp3s on my iPhone in F12 ? And other iPhone/F12 questions.

On Wed, 2010-01-06 at 22:31 -0800, Philip A. Prindeville wrote:
> On 12/13/2009 02:20 AM, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote:
> > On Sat, 2009-12-12 at 17:38 -0600, Peter Danenberg wrote:
> >   
> >> Quoth Patrick O'Callaghan on Sweetmorn, the 54th of The Aftermath:
> >>     
> >>> Alternatively, you could jailbreak the phone and copy files using
> >>> scp. I don't know if the phone will then recognize them as something
> >>> it can play, but I wouldn't bet on it.
> >>>       
> >> I was able to use gtkpod[1] on a jailbroken iphone to transfer music,
> >> manage playlists, photos, etc.
> >>     
> > I was under the impression that gtkpod didn't yet support the iPhone.
> > The webpage doesn't appear to mention it explicitly. Glad to see I was
> > wrong.
> >
> > poc
> >
> >   
> Please share.
> I have an iPhone 3Gs, and I can't get it to work with gtkpod.
> It mounts on the desktop as "Apple, Inc. iPhone" but that's all.

According to the gtkpod Help doc (under Troubleshooting) the iPhone and
iPod Touch can only be accessed via sshfs, meaning you have to jailbreak

Somewhat OT: I recently bought a Pay-And-Go iPhone from O2 in the UK and
was delighted to find that they will unlock it on payment of a fee (15
pounds). This appears to be in response to competition from Vodaphone
and Orange, which recently started selling iPhones. Since my main
motivation for unlocking was to use other Sim cards, I'll probably avoid
the jailbreak route for now and use MediaMonkey under a VM to transfer
my media content. On my netbook it's fast and functional where iTunes is
molasses slow and bloated. Of course you can't use it for a full sync,
but that wasn't the question.


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