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Re: help

On am embedded power pc project with 256 mb of ram, I ran fvwm, just fine. This was with nfs root and a very old matrox video card.

I also compiled xdoom, madplay, and mozilla.

So this can be done, you will just need to install the basic machine in text mode, the install x, and fvwm along with the apps you want.


Tony Nelson wrote:
On 10-01-07 18:40:16, Joseph L. Casale wrote:
we at work have some PC's with 256 MB RAM, the graphical mode
doesn't load, so we choice the text mode, but in all machines we
get the same error, Anaconda 12.47

do you have an idea how to solve it?

Yeah, add ram. Anaconda needs like 1/2 gig, and nevermind trying to
Fedora w/<  1/2gig as well...

Umm, don't you think that the Anaconda developers know what is
required, and that the rather minimal text-mode install is designed to
use less memory?

OP:  There may be useful info in the other VTs when the error occurs.

If you can't find a workaround, try Debian, which has much better
support than Fedora for small memory machines, due to the different
goals of the projects.  If you want to run a GUI on 256 MB, you might
want to choose something less memory-hungry than Gnome or KDE.

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