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Re: fc12 installer fails with Gigabyte GA-EP45 SATA RAID 1

> I am trying to install fc12 i386 on a PC based on the Gigabyte
> GA-EP45-UD3L motherboard with SATA RAID. It is an Intel chipset. I am
> using RAID 1 (mirror).I have installed fc8 and fc11 successfully on this
> hardware, but with fc12 on various attempts I either get that the
> installer does not recognise the raid array or, when it did attempt to
> install, it took an inordinate time to install the packages then, once
> the system was installed and running, thefile systems froze during the
> transfer of a large set of files.

> Has anyone else experienced these problems with this hardware (or
> similar) and if so, do they have a remedy? Or do I just have to wait for
> a new Fedora release?

> I would go back to fc11 but it has all sorts of problems with monitor
> settings - at least with my monitor. So I am back on fc8 in the interim.

When it tried to install, was it installing on the raid?

If you are using a live CD, check whether dmraid is installed. If it
isn't, install it and activate the sata raid before the install.

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