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mailing list losing mail?

Hi all,

This list is getting more messed up by the day.

Several weeks ago mail started lagging 10-25 minutes. Now mail is disappearing.

I sent a post to this list yesterday @ 22:44 UTC. My server shows that it was accepted and queued for delivery. It never showed up on the list (I've checked to make sure it didn't accidentally get caught in a spam filter.) Oddly, it did show up in the gmane archives.

So, I reposted that email this morning @ 16:32 UTC and once again it never appeared but did show up in gmane almost immediately.

UPDATE: I just received a copy of my post 31 minutes after sending it.

How can my mail make it into gmane's archives almost immediately but take more than half an hour to appear on fedora-list? These delays certainly (imo) take a lot of the usefulness away from this forum. Starting to remind me of snail mail conversations :/

My 0.02,
Mike Wright

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