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Re: mailing list losing mail?

g wrote:
g wrote:
Mike Wright wrote:
Hi all,


this email took about 6 minutes to come back thru list.

why delay, i can not answer.

but i do see where.

while waiting, i looked at you email of 2010.0108 and i did note a delay
of about 1 hour.

being that you are using thunderbird, use <ctrl+w> to have a look at headers
and you will see where it was delayed.

Thanks g,

This is from the last 9 messages headers. At first it looked like dns errors, then maybe greylisting, but I think the variation in delivery times points to something else. The delay is always between my server and the server below.

Received: from mx1-phx2.redhat.com (HELO mx01.util.phx2.redhat.com)


Mine is a qmail server that's been in service for years. Neither it nor its dns has been changed (that I remember) and all other mail seems to show up almost immediately. I've been on this list for a really long time and never had problems before.

Wonder what it could be?

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