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Re: How do I get SB X-FI sound card working on Fedora 12

John Nissley wrote:
> Back to the subject, is pulseaudio alive?
> $ ps -AH | grep pulse
> ------->ps -AH | grep pulse
> ------->1691 ?        00:00:09   pulseaudio
>>  Another point that I probably should have made earlier is that I did
>> compile alsa-driver- since I thought I
>>  would need it.
> Uggghhh....
> snd-ctxfi is already a part of the built in alsa package (1.0.21)
> shipped with Fedora 12.
> I assume that you also did a "make install" when compiling the
> alsa-driver tarball, right?
> (Giving you a hybrid fedora + source installing)
> -------->I heard the Uggghhh and since this is really a test server I
> just reinstalled fedora 12 so I have a clean install now.
> -------->Here is my current RPM list for alsa
> alsa-tools-firmware-1.0.20-4.fc12.x86_64
> alsa-utils-1.0.22-1.fc12.x86_64
> alsa-plugins-pulseaudio-1.0.21-2.fc12.x86_64
> alsa-firmware-1.0.20-2.fc12.noarch
> alsa-lib-1.0.22-1.fc12.x86_64
> alsa-tools-1.0.20-4.fc12.x86_64
> Under then Multimedia section of system setting it now shows SB X-Fi
> Xtreme Audio which is different than before.
> I do not have a pulse audio entry though which is troubling and I do not
> have sound.
> Any other ideas?

See the previous thread[1] that I posted to regarding this.

I have the same card, and although recognised now in F12, I also cannot
get any sound from it.

PulseAudio says it's working and is definitely un-muted.

[1] https://www.redhat.com/archives/fedora-list/2009-December/msg00767.html

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