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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Revival of this list: Fedora Live DVD? |

On Thu, 2005-06-09 at 10:38 -0400, Greg DeKoenigsberg wrote:
> So.  Had a few discussions around this at the Red Hat Summit -- it became 
> a hot topic in the Fedora BOF there.  What came out of it?  Well...
> ...for one thing, it became clear that we need to kickstart this list.  :)
> For another thing, some folks asked: why not Live DVD?

At the moment, the workstation install spills over 650mb , but it could
compress well, but at the moment it is looking like a live DVD to me.

> For another thing, some folks asked: why not put the installer on it, so 
> that people can install the precise image they're playing with?

This can be done, although this would require all packages in rpm format
to be on CD, space may prohibit this.

> And lots of other questions.  But for me, here's the takeaway:
> There's lots of Live CDs.  Too many to count.  If we're not doing 
> something interesting, then we're nothing more than one more Live CD with 
> Fedora branding.

This is true, I think that using anaconda to "create" a live CD package
set is the differentiator (spelling ?) for us.  Those who want to, can 
generate their own "Live (DV|C)D's" with whatever their focus is.

By using anaconda and therefore kickstart, we can automate the creation
of the liveCD.  This creates a very clean way of creating liveCD's
across both RHEL and Fedora.

This benefits Fedora by:

Any beta build features can be tested easily, and people with show
stopping bugs can download a small ISO set that can test to see if their
issue is solved.

An automated "Rawhide" build can be created each day, which will save
developers from having to do an install, and also people with issues
currently being worked on, engineering can push them a "CD" that the
user can test with minimal expense.

> What about a Live DVD?  With potential goals of:
> 1. Allowing users to choose to run the image that suits them;
> 2. Allowing users to install from DVD if they like;
> 3. Allowing us to put multiple arches on one DVD, if possible?
> Looking at the download numbers from the torrent, we're seeing about 50/50 
> numbers for CD/DVD downloads.
> So what about it?  I know a bunch of you folks have Live CD code that 
> runs.  Any of it convertible to Live DVD code?
> --g
> (p.s. Yes, we've announced the intention to announce the Fedora Foundation 
> at some point.  I hope this means that we'll be able to turn this into an 
> officially sanctioned project at some point.  But in the meantime, talking 
> works.)
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