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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] Revival of this list: Fedora Live DVD?

My two cents (and I expect change back):

I think we should think about why people like live CDs, and what they
use them for.

I think one of the big attractors is grabbing a CD and taking it into
an unknown location and yet still having the environment and tools
they like.  I'm not sure how many people grab a live cd and then go
'hey this rocks, go ahead and install!'  I'm sure it happens, but I
suspect it isn't that often; more likely, they try the live CD out,
like it, then plan some kind of more permanent install (remember, most
Windows people will then have to add a second hard drive or
repartition... not spur-of-the-moment activies).

Having to download the entire distro, PLUS a pile of expanded
binaries, would just waste bandwidth and annoy people.

What would be cooler is if you could create them on the fly from a
given package set; basically take a kickstart (well, the @Packages
section) and turn it into a cd or dvd.  Maybe also allow custom
packages.  Make some sensible default (OO+Gnome, maybe) available from
the official FC site, but, if someone downloads the original DVDs or
CDs, they should be able to just make their own.


Greg DeKoenigsberg <gdk redhat com> writes:

> So.  Had a few discussions around this at the Red Hat Summit -- it became 
> a hot topic in the Fedora BOF there.  What came out of it?  Well...
> ...for one thing, it became clear that we need to kickstart this list.  :)
> For another thing, some folks asked: why not Live DVD?
> For another thing, some folks asked: why not put the installer on it, so 
> that people can install the precise image they're playing with?
> And lots of other questions.  But for me, here's the takeaway:
> There's lots of Live CDs.  Too many to count.  If we're not doing 
> something interesting, then we're nothing more than one more Live CD with 
> Fedora branding.
> What about a Live DVD?  With potential goals of:
> 1. Allowing users to choose to run the image that suits them;
> 2. Allowing users to install from DVD if they like;
> 3. Allowing us to put multiple arches on one DVD, if possible?
> Looking at the download numbers from the torrent, we're seeing about 50/50 
> numbers for CD/DVD downloads.
> So what about it?  I know a bunch of you folks have Live CD code that 
> runs.  Any of it convertible to Live DVD code?
> --g
> (p.s. Yes, we've announced the intention to announce the Fedora Foundation 
> at some point.  I hope this means that we'll be able to turn this into an 
> officially sanctioned project at some point.  But in the meantime, talking 
> works.)
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