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[Fedora-livecd-list] Self-intro

Hey everyone, my name is Bart Couvreur and I'm from Lochristi, Belgium.
I'm an 19 year old student, whose started using Linux in 2000, on a
testing basis. I've been a Fedora user since FC2 and since January 2005
I'm a member of the Fedora Translation Team (Dutch).

Now to the real thing ;)! I've been following the Kadischi-project since
I first heard of it in January as part of the first Fedora Weekly
Reports. At that time I was quite interested in this project but due to
a lack of time I couldn't follow it right then.

I've finally found some time to try out Kadischi and I was quite
impressed with what I saw! Nice job, guys!! Had a little go at making a
Live DVD, which seemed to work but broke down on a friends computer at
firstboot-sequence (probably made an mistake there, X seems to break
down, if anyone has a pointer, thanks in advance)

I'm also willing to aid in the translation of Kadischi to Dutch (I've
noticed that Thijs Hulshof has already taken a few steps in that
direction). Also testing Kadischi is a possibility, just mention
anything. Later on maybe I'll help in the development.


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