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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] New CVS maintainer

> A bit of movement after last nights meeting, Elliot Lee has granted me
> cvsdevel access for kadischi, I already have pointers from Chitlesh for
> some things waiting to get into CVS, any more from anyone else?
> including KADISCHI in the title would be helpful.

Welldone boy.
Can you update if needed how to login if you have an account here please?

> I'm not going to rush to fix (or break!) anything especially as I've
> only got kadischi installed on FC5 not on FC4 yet.
> Obviouwly kadischi on FC4 is still going to require patches to anaconda
> and I can't change that, but I hope to incorporate Jasper's patch(es) so
> that on FC5 (where anaconda patches are no longer required) patches to
> the kadischi are also no longer required by the user.

Actually, kadischi is working fine on FC4 with the patches. Besides
updating the documentation and uploading the spec-file,
kadischi-nokernel.patch and newrpms-kadischi-userbuild.patch, I don't
see much changes to Kadischi's cvs files;

Should we afterwards named it 0.1-1 ?

Im working on a special FC5T* page for kadischi. Everyone who have
tried kadischi on FC5T* do have a look at it when im finished. Ill
announced to the list once completed.


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