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Re: [Fedora-livecd-list] [PATCH] - rhgb, inittab and xorg

On 2/6/06, J. Hartline <jasperhartline adelphia net> wrote:
Essien Essien wrote:

> Hi all,
> This is my first patch against kadischi. I hope: diff -Naur format is ok?
> The attached patch does 3 things:

The patch will fail against Kadischi's CVS, for anyone who uses it.
Also they are not deployable, you can't explicitly set rhgb, inittab to
runlevel 5 or write an xorg.conf file
without first checking if:
1) rhgb was installed
2) X.org was installed

Writing out an xorg.conf file based upon installed packages is something
Anaconda does during writeXCofniguration().
What would be better is to look into if and why Anaconda is failing to
do this with Kadischi.

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You're right. Apparently, i patched in the reverse order.

Also, after our discussion on #fedora-livecd, it appears that the anaconda.patch for FC4 causes this problem. It would be better to actually fix anaconda.patch for those on FC4. Attached is teh corrected anaconda.patch. This makes 08inittab.sh and 09xorg.sh unneccessary.

 I'll look into rhgb parameter passing more... i think i have a neat solution for it.

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